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Weekly Cheese: Humboldt Fog

Sooo… it has been a few weeks since I have visited my friends over at The Cellar’s OC Cheese Shop. Today, I met another one of their employees from their South OC location, Dillon.

Today, he introduced me to Humboldt Fog made by the Cypress Grove creamery in Humboldt, CA. This is a ripened goat cheese with a layer of vegetable ash in the middle. It also has a slight layer of ash on the outside and when cut, looks like a piece of cake!

Made with goat’s milk, Cypress uses a vegetarian-friendly enzyme during the cheesemaking process. After a few weeks, the rind starts to develop into a gooey texture under the ash line. Don’t worry, just enjoy it! :) Tangy in taste, it get’s better – but considering how good this cheese tastes, it won’t be sitting in your fridge for long!

Stop by The OC Cheese Shop in The OC Mart Mix and sample this cheese!

The OC Cheese Shop
South Coast Collection
3313 Hyland Avenue Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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The Weekly Cheese: Brazos Valley’s Eden

This week’s cheese is actually not a stranger to me. I have had it twice before and today The OC Cheeseshop has it in stock once again. This soft cheese is unique in that it has a distinctive look in it’s slice and that it’s from one of the places on this earth you would last suspect a creamery: Waco, Texas.

Brazos Valley Cheese was founded in 2005 by Rebeccah Durkin and her cousin, Marc Kuehl. But the idea came about in 1999. Rebeccah’s love of cheese brought her to learn how to make cheese and from there she was giving classes in cheesemaking to folks traveling from across the US.

Brazos Valley Cheese is dedicated to crafting all-natural, high quality, healthy cheese using traditional methods and no artificial flavors, preservatives or coloring. Our milk comes from grass-fed cows that graze freely on three local Brazos River Valley Jersey/Brown Swiss dairies that do not use growth hormones or antibiotics. The high butterfat content of this milk makes rich, yellow, creamy cheeses that are used by the finest chefs and sold at the best retail shops in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. Every one of our cheeses is made with raw cow’s milk and all the hard cheeses are aged in our underground cheese cave.

So let’s get back to the cheese. I love soft cheeses. There is nothing like taking a spreading knife, scooping thru the soft creaminess of the cheese and then spreading it on a nice crusty piece of bread. The Eden cheese is wrapped in Fig leaves, but the added surprise is when you slice into a wheel of it. There is a distinct black line that runs thru the middle of the cheese. This is a thin layer of vegetable ash that adds to the wonderful buttery flavor of this raw cow’s milk cheese. Don’t leave the rind behind! The fig leaf and rind help define the taste!


Stop by The OC Cheeseshop this week before it’s all gone! Tell them Foodie In Disguise sent you!

The OC Cheeseshop in The OC Mart Mix
3313 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626



The Weekly Cheese: Jean d’Alos

So this week I meet a new staff member at The OC Cheese Shop. Well, he’s actually not new, he’s been here since the beginning, but for some reason I’ve never run into him. His name is Holton. Holton is also the person who’s awesome writing is on the menu on a daily basis.

This week’s Weekly Cheese bring a new cheese to the cases of the OC Cheeseshop –  St. Nectaire from Jean d’Alos. A French cheese, it is a pressed cow’s milk with a mild flavor. A little earthy and nutty in taste. Affineur Jean d’Alos is located in the Bordeaux Triangle and produces some of the regions best cheese and is a supplier to some of France’s finest restaurants.

Affineur you ask? I looked it up as I didn’t know what the term referred to. An affineur is a person that specializes in the maturing and ripening of cheese. According to SlashFood:

Affineurs can be viewed as the foster parents of the cheese. They receive these cheeses completely fresh, before they’ve developed, and then, they take care of the cheeses in such a way that they each acquire their own unique characteristics. The affineur ages their cheeses in the right humidity and temperature, many times a cave. Depending on the type of cheese, they may brush, wash, and rotate the wheels. Affinage is a skill that takes many years to perfect. It’s an art that involves a lot of labor.

Read more:

In addition to the St. Nectaire I also sampled the Gabietou, also from Jean d’Alos. Gabietou is an uncooked pressed cheese that has a more fruity taste than the St. Nectaire. Made from cow and ewe milk, its a great addition to any cheese plate.

There was also a small wedge (well, truth be told it was 1/2 a pound) left of the Testun al Barolo that I had last week and I bought the last of it.

It’s going to be a fun week! Of course, another batard of that awesome fermented bread and some Finnochiona.

Cellar Cheeseshop
3315 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Testun al Barolo

The Weekly Cheese

So it seems that every Saturday I try to make it out to the OC Cheese Shop for my weekly supply of cheese and Finnochiona! So this week I got another week’s worth of Testun al Barolo. A sheep’s milk cheese from the Piedmont region of Italy. Lacking a rind it is replaced with Barolo grapes on the outside, aiding in this very awesome smelling cheese.

I told Max at the OC Cheeseshop that I had this with Beef Sliders. A couple of thin strips of Testun with arugula, red onions and aioli. Awesome!

This week I also got a 4 year aged Gouda from North Hollander with a nice dark sunset color as well as an 18 month aged Manchego from El Trigal. I also got a a baguette of fermented bread and a few thick slices of Finnochiona (salami with fennel).

The Cellar OC Cheeseshop
3313 Hyland Avenue
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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