Sushi Meets The Burrito on The Jogasaki Truck

jogasaki_1The one thing I really like about Gourmet Food Trucks is that these chef/owners push the boundaries. There are trucks out there serving everything from sliders to tacos to cupcakes. Then you have trucks that sell Jewish Eggrolls, Korean Sausages and Double-Dipped Corn Dogs named after Viking gods! (I luv my Viking Truck) But once in awhile, a truck comes along that makes your do a double take.

Sushi burrito? Oh yes!

jogasaki_2The Jogasaki Truck is the mastermind of Yo Pratioto a sushi chef for close/almost 20 years. He noticed the need for something larger than just a single roll. Maki sushi (rolls with seaweed on the outside and Uramaki (rolls with rice on the outside) weren’t cutting it – people wanted more.  So where did that leave him? Making futomaki (larger versions of Uramaki) or handrolls. After more experimenting, he came up with using soy paper as the wrapper (looks like a tortilla) which was easy to eat, yet firm enough to hold lots of filling. The sushi burrito was born.

I first heard of Jogasaki while watching some late night television and saw him being interviewed. I kept watching and saw that he was making sushi burritos. What?!?! I had to watch the whole segment. By the end I wanted to drive to LA the next day to find them. As luck would turn out, Jogasaki made a trip down to the OC and was at the Irvine Lanes OC Din Din a Go Go on Tuesday night. You can’t miss his truck. Dark orange, white and black with a Mexican/Japanese type dude on the side of the truck!

Popcorn Lobster Roll Burrito


So he has about 12 different kinds of burritos, in two sizes and also has this ceviche of salmon in a red-hot Doritos taco shell. There is also the “Fire Cracker” which is crispy rice crackers topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce. It’s awesome! But what caught my eye the first time I found them? The Popcorn Lobster burrito! Tender pieces of lobster tempura, crab meat, avocado and cucumbers wrapped in soy paper and sprinkled with black sesame sides on the outside. OMG! If you get one thing, get this. It’s $12 for what is called their regular size, which in my estimation is about a burrito 8-10 inches long. Stuffed with lots of lobster and crabmeat.

I have also tried their Jogasaki #2A and the Fire Cracker.

Track them down and if they are near you, you will cancel your lunch or dinner plans and head over to the truck!! Go now!!

The Jogasaki Truck
The schedule can be found on Twitter (@jogasakiburrito) or at

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