What Took Me So Long to Get to Bruxië?

So Bruxie came onto the food map here in the OC in 2010 and for some reason I have not made it there. For a year, I have driven by from time to time, would see the long lines, then find myself saying “I’ll come back when the lines are shorter…”

Well over a year has passed and I have finally made it here! There were only 4 people ahead of me in line and there was plenty of parking in front. I suspect, Chapman is still on Winter Break. I had just had lunch in Orange, so I wanted something light and sweet. I opted for the “Brussels” – a light waffle dusted with either cinnamon or powdered sugar with 100% Maple syrup on the side. I placed my order at the window, asked my name and then sat myself at the eating “bar” to the right of the window with a view of one of Chapman’s buildings.

Less than 5 minutes later, someone called my name and brought over a paper boat with 4 quarter pieces of a waffle and a small container of maple syrup. As the waffles were being handed to me, I could smell a hint of butter hit my nose and I immediately fell in love! The buttery smell intensified as I placed the dish front and center.

To hell with utensils, I picked up a quarter, pulled it apart to find my fingers squeezing the waffle. Light crisp “skin” and a very light and fluffy inside. I dipped my piece into the maple syrup and found my tongue in confusion. I usually associated waffles with dense, thick skinned treat that I grew up with in my kitchen and restaurants. My mouth chewed effortlessly as the sweetness of the syrup melded with the batter of the waffle. Besides the syrup, the waffle itself was not sweet, yet not savory either.

While I was enjoying my Brussels, Montica, who works there, asked me how it was and I gave here a thumbs up as my mouth was filled with another mouthful of joy. By the time I finished, a few minutes had passed and Montica stopped by again and I told here how surprised I was about the texture. I asked if all the wallless had that texture and was told it was with the exception of the Liege, which was slightly thicker. I also asked if it was the same batter for the sandwiches and was told that it was, but that the actually “bread” for the sandwich was thinner for easier eating and handling. They have daily specials that they run everyday based on what is fresh that day. Montica said to check their Facebook page as they update the daily specials. She convinced me that I should come back for a savory sandwich to experience that as well since I enjoyed the Brussels so much. I told her that I might just do that.

So look forward to another review of Bruxië when I have some of their savory items. In addition to the waffles and sandwiches, they also have real authentic Wisconsin Frozen Custard!! Yes, that slightly more golden in color vanilla ice cream that has extra egg yolks in it for richness! Bruxie buys local so they don’t have traditional sodas, but locally crafted drinks.

Check them out if you haven’t and don’t wait a year like I did!

292 North Glassell Street
Orange, CA 92866

They also have a new location in Brea!

215 W. Birch Street
Brea, CA 92821

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on “What Took Me So Long to Get to Bruxië?
One Comment on “What Took Me So Long to Get to Bruxië?

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