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Corner Fish Grill was Finally Open!

July 21, 2010
Scott Mindeaux, Editor

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Well after three attempts to have a meal at the new Corner Fish Grill in Mission Viejo, I finally got in. The first three times after they opened, I came to closed doors saying that they needed additional staff training. Well, Monday evening I finally made it in. The kitchen was a-buzz with activity with three line cooks plating dishes and a busy front counter. When you walk in you run right into the counter with no menu’s displayed, instead, laminated menus. There is seating for about 40 with “bar” seating towards the front with a view right into the kitchen.

After looking at the menu, I decided I would try the Halibut ($13.95), grilled with a side of rice and slaw. Turns out they ran out of rice and I had to settle for french fries. I also opted to try their a-la-carte Taco special (2 for $5.50)with one grilled shrimp taco and one breaded and fried shrimp taco. Fellow foodie, Niyaz at the OC Register said his dish was more fine dining in appearance than it was fast-casual so I was looking forward to a nice meal this evening.

It was about 8:00 in the evening and there were probably about 6 other patrons in the restaurant. There were no “Now Open” signs in the window and the tinting of the windows makes it looks like it was closed from the outside. The inside of the restaurant is very spartan with nothing on the walls. From a design perspective, I would have lowered the hanging lamps another foot closer to the tables and I definitely would have had some art work on the walls to make it feel a bit more cozy. The tables weren’t adorned with anything except the salt and pepper holders. A displayed menu would have been nice too.

So 15 minutes came by (the cashier came by twice to apologize and assure me it was on its way) and I was presented with my dish. My halibut was a small piece with fries and slaw spread out over a large plastic plate. Hardly the fine dining experience my colleague experienced. I overheard the couple at the other table who also just got their food and they said they expected more fish for the money. He went on to say that the Olive Garden had more bang for your buck. Unfortunately I had to agree. I paid $13.95 for my dish.

I was hungry so I dove in. First of all, it was salty. Another couple two tables behind me said the same thing a few minutes after I got my food – so I know I wasn’t the only one thinking that. The halibut was a bit overcooked. The slaw was tasty and I tore thru that. So what about those fries?? They were cold and weren’t fresh. Needless to say, they were left on the plate. For 15 minutes of waiting and not getting my original rice selection, I would have hoped I would have gotten fresh fries.

So let’s move onto the tacos. Both were served on flour tortillas (you have a choice of flour or corn when you order), cabbage and their version of pico de gallo. I actually liked their condiments, small diced pieces of jalepeño gave it a kick. But the disappointment here wasn’t the flavor (I actually liked it) but it only had one shrimp in the taco cut up into three pieces. Honestly, I think I get more shrimp in a Del Taco Shrimp Taco than I did here. Both the grilled and fried shrimp tasted great, I was just yearning for more. The cabbage and pico de gallo were about 85% of the filling.

I really wanted to like this place. But after several attempts to eat there and being greeted with a closed sign (three days after their opening date) then getting the food I had today, sadly I am not impressed. I will go back there in two weeks and see if things have gotten better there.

Corner Fish Grill
26051 La Paz Road
Mission Viejo, CA 92691

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  • Coccomo said:

    I go to the Corner Fish Grill a couple times a week, I try to get something new everytime and everytime im blown away at how big and fresh the porportions are. The staff is very involved with the dining experience which is very uncommon these days. I esp love the Ahi Tacos with rice and beans (best beans ive had in years). For those who state it’s fast food, IT’S NOT, it’s considered fast/casual dining. As far as the pricing, 10 dollars for an 8oz fillet, two sides and a drink is very reasonable if not a steal. For those who cant decide based on the reviews, here’s my thoughts, ignore the reviews and give it a try, then decide for yourself. Since opening they have come a long way.

  • Kelly said:

    I really wanted to like this place. I was excited to have a fresh fish restaurant in my community. Unfortunately, I was disappointed with the portion size of fish for the price. Plus it was lacking flavor. Sorry to say I will not be returning. Maybe in a few months I’ll check back on this comments page to check if it’s gotten any better. Maybe?!

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  • Kaz said:

    On Friday night My family and I went to Corner fish grill, the place was dead which was not a good indication for business.
    We were disappointed by the size of halibut (very small portion)for almost $14.00
    It seems that owner is just trying to collect the money, no matter how.I can NOT recommond that place for a family to eat, sorry.

  • Jim said:

    I’m surprised at the so so reviews here. I have been to the Corner Fish Grill about 4 times in the last month. Everytime has been a great experience and the cajun salmon is the best! Don’t forget to order the grilled veggies. Nice to have a healthy alternative to the typical fast food restaurants.

  • ht said:

    With all do respect Scott You think the owners are open to critisicim ? try to state yor opinion and see the reactions.

  • TInb said:

    I have been to Corner fish grill twice and I think the food doesn’t justify the price and unprofessional service. If you are looking for these types of the food, you should try Rubios Mexican grill located at Alicia pkwy and Jeronimo, just a block away .Rubios offer better food, better price and nicer place.( on Tuesday you pay less than $2.00 for Fish taco).

  • Jackie said:

    Not a good experience for the first time. My two friends and I went there for dinner.I ordered 2 fish tacos , one friend got Mahi Mahi and the other one got halibut with rice and beans.
    After about 20 minutes or more ,two of us got the food and my friend had to wait again.We wanted to have dinner together and it wouldn’t be nice for two of us to start eating while she still was waiting so, we all had to wait.
    I did not like the the waiting time ( it was too long for a fast food place),chewy tortilla and my friend did not like over cooked, dry halibut.
    So, that was the first and the last visit to Grill fish


  • Bev said:

    I think the fish is the very best… I have been there many time now with friends that also enjoy their meals very much. The fish is always moist and delicious…And the owner and staff are always so interested that we are satisfied.

  • Nancy said:

    Very disappointing. Bad food, terrible portions, zero service.
    Places like this want my business but dont like to offer any service in return. In a fast food place I had to wait 30 mintues for my food to arrive uncooked.



  • Martina said:

    I will be surprise if this place can survive between it’s competitions, the food and service is horrible.

  • Jk said:

    I spent almost my one hour lunch break to get my food, here what I got: overcooked, small,dray piece of fish called halibut.

  • Jk said:

    Went to to CFG two nights ago, place was very slow for FRiday night. I ordered halibut and some fries, waited for about 37 minutes to get a very small pice of overcooked fish and cold fries. I will not try this place anymore.

  • Afh said:

    Unlike other place (california fish in Irvine)CFG food/Fish is not fresh and it takes on avrage 30 mintues to get the food.

  • Anthony said:

    Is CFG a fast food place ? if so,why it takes 30 minutes or more to receive the food ?
    Not a fast food place ? in which restaurant you wait 30 minutes for a cabbage Taco and pay over $8.00 for it ?

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  • Chuck said:

    I have been there twice,all I can say about this place is:
    First time shame on you, second time shame on me.

  • Pari said:

    I went to Rubios at Alicia and Muriland,the food & service was way better and less expensive than food at this place.

  • Mike Harrison said:

    I have heard it all. On my first attempt they said we opened just few days ago and Io wait a good 35 minutes to get the salty, tasteless, half cooked food.
    2nd attempt, they did not have the side dish I had ordered.
    3rd times, they were closed at the middle of the day ( more than twice). So, for sure Iam not going to go through traffic in busy intersection of Lapaz and and offer my business to people who are not ready for restaurant business.

  • Mike Harrison said:

    I am a fan of seafoods so imagine my excitement when I found this place. The only thing I can say after trying this place is,\Don’t waste your money coming here\!!! The food dose not justify the price and service is horrible ( good luck to talk to the owner about this).

  • MVJake said:

    You stated that the place was “a-buss” with activity. How was the parking? I know that center is very small and the intersection at La Paz and Muirlands is ridiculous with traffice. Just curious because after this review, I’ll wait a few months before trying it.

  • Dave Lieberman said:

    That was $13.95? Good grief. That alone would put me off the place. Were the other prices so high? California Fish Grill in Yorba Linda has halibut for $14.99 but I’m pretty sure you get two fillets, and it’s the most expensive dish on the menu.

  • Jill said:

    Saw a sign in Rancho Santa Margarita for a new place. “Spike’s Fish House”. It’s going into the Lowes center and is taking the place of Pasta Bravo and where Rumbi was supposed to go in. Hopefully this will be a better fish choice.

  • Niyaz said:

    So, I did describe the plate as “fine dining,” this is true.

    But that was only from the picture I took of the first dish, a salad, being prepared at the restaurant.

    Truth be told, I went back a few days later and had an absolutely terrible experience. The crab cake was an overly-breaded hockey puck. The beans literally had no flavor at all. There wasn’t enough food on the plate to justify the price tag.

    I too said I would return in a few weeks and give the place one more fair shot. But yeah, we had very similar experiences.

  • Scott Mindeaux, Editor (author) said:

    I have to disagree, if an owner decides to open a restaurant, it is absolutely open for criticism from the first day. The owners of this restaurant aren’t new to the scene, they know better. If you are going to invest the money to hire staff, develop a menu and be open for business, you better have your game on.

    I’m just saying. Like I said I will go back in two weeks and see how things go.

  • QueerInMySoup.com said:

    In all fairness to the eatery, my rule of thumb is to avoid a restaurant for at least 3 months after their grand opening. But, that’s if they last that long.

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