Upcoming: Corner Fish Grill

cornerfg1I was driving home from a quick fill-up at the Arco Station at LaPaz and Muirlands and as I was filling up I noticed that the Corner Fish Grill finally had its signage up. They had a banner hung outside for about 2 months.

I drove over and took a look inside. Looks like they still have lots to do. The main components are in like the grill and the fryer. No tables yet. Looks like they will be able to seat about 30 inside, but looks like there is room for some outdoor seating perhaps.

This corner was an empty lot for a long time and a developer came in and built some retail space here. It has been empty for a long time and the Corner Fish Grill will be the first to open in this new center. Based on where they are, I’m guessing they are a few weeks out from opening. Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Upcoming: Corner Fish Grill”

  1. I went by the location on July 8th and their employees were inside but they were not open and THERE WAS NO SIGN IN THE WINDOW WITH A DATE OF THE OPENING. DA!!!!???

  2. I’ve been waiting and waiting as well. Now my comment is, disappointment. Called on Sat., July 10 to see they were truly open, they were, until 9pm every night I was told. Met a friend there on Sunday evening at 5:30, they were closed. Had closed at 4pm. What a disappointment, they ran out of food the night before, we were told and the employees needed more training before they reopen. Looking at the menu, pricing and layout, it is just like the California Fish Grill in Foothill Ranch on Auto Center drive. We went there as we love it and maybe will try these guys later, maybe.

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Thanks for the report. I actually drove by yesterday at around 5:00 only to find that they were closed as well. The restaurant still looks a bit spartan inside and it can use something. I will try and head over there for lunch tomorrow and see how it goes.

  4. The best FISH!!! I have been there often with my friends and it is always a wonderful experience … Even my friend that did not like fish loved the Salmon… All the fish is cooked to perfection… moist and flavorful…Try the Trout…

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