Carol Cotner Thompson – My Mentor Has a Blog

chef-carol-cotner-thompsonCarol Cotner Thompson was my culinary instructor while I was taking classes in the Professional Program at The New School of Cooking. She recently emailed me and told me she has started a blog. I was so excited! She already has a few entries up on her blog and I can’t wait for more.

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It was Carol and Anne (the owner of the school) who gave me the drive and enthusiasm to take a sabbatical from my IT career and take a leap of faith. An amazing opportunity presented itself to me in August of 2002. I took off three years to run a cooking school.

The year that I spent in the kitchens of The New School of Cooking with Carol was probably one of the most exciting years in my life. Learning, practicing, chopping, mincing, julienning, making stock and eventually becoming a chef’s assistant at the school. After completing my Professional courses I went on to run one of Sur La Table’s most successful cooking schools in Arlington, VA. It was amazing – seeing students experience the same joy I had when I was taking classes.

I’m back in IT now, but those were the best three years ever and I have Carol to thank for it.

Thanks Carol and congratulations on your blog – I’m going to make snickerdoodles tonight ya know!

P.S. g is celebrating their 10 year anniversary this year! Congrats on a fab 10 years!

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