Bravo to Debut Top Chef Masters


Top Chef Season 5 might be over, but don’t put pack those knives just yet! The creators of Top Chef are set to debut their new show, Top Chef Masters.

The new show will challenge world-renowned chefs against each other and see how well they do competing in a true “Top Chef” fashion.  In each episode, money will be at stake for 24 chefs, with the winners of eliminations being awarded cash donations for their charities.  Six episodes at the beginning will consist of four chefs competing against each other to name one winner.  The winners from the first six episodes will then meet up for the final four weeks. Then, one chef will be eliminated in each episode until the finale where one winner is crowned Top Chef Master.  The winning chef will receive $100,000 for the charity of their choice.

Some of the biggest names in the culinary world will be competing on the show:

  • John Besh
  • Ricky Bayless
  • Michael Chiarello
  • Elizabeth Faulkner
  • Tim Love
  • Hebert Keller
  • Art Smith
  • Roy Yamaguchi

These are among the 24 chefs that will compete for $100,000 for their charity.

“On ‘Top Chef,’ the biggest names in the industry join us as guests to pass judgment on the chef’testants. Now we’ll get to see how they handle equally tough challenges.” – Dan Cutforth, Executive Producer with Magical Elves

Competing in the first episode are Art Smith – Chef and Owner of Table 52, Chicago, IL; Micaehl Cimarusti – Owner and Chef of Providence Restaurant, Los Angeles, CA; Roy Yamaguchi – Chef and Founder of Roy’s;  and Jonathan Waxman – Chef and Owner of Barbuto in Manhattan’s West Village.


Some of the guest star judges include Neil Patrick Harris, Jeff Lewis from “Flipping Out”, Zooey Deschanel, Morgan Spurlock as well as appearances from Tom Colicchio, Padma Lakshmi and Gail Simmons.

choiA food journalist and creator, producer and host of NYC TV’s weekly restaurant show “Eat Out NY,” Kelly Choi will be the new host of the show. Choi, a former model, she recently completed “The 20 Most Delicious Dishes in New York,” a new book which is set to hit stores this spring.

Our judges consist of Gael Greene, a New York Magazine famed restaurant critic for over 40 years, a best-selling author and co-founder of Citymeals-on-Wheels.  Joining Gael is Editor-in-Chief of Saveur magazine James Oseland. Rounding out our judges is culinary expert and British journalist, writer and broadcaster Jay Rayner.


The format of the show will feature a Quickfire challenge, but in a twist, the food will be judged in a blind taste test format and based on a five-star rating system. The elimination challenge will test their versatility and inventiveness. The dishes will be tasted not only by the judges, but also by the guests to whom the dishes were intended for. For example, it could patrons in a Five-Star Hotel or a room full of kids. The food has to appeal to both the critics as well as the diners if they are to survive.

Barvo’s newest show is scheduled to air on June 10 at 10pm. Stay Tuned!

Photo Credits: Jaimie Trueblood


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  1. More Top Chef?!! Oh, happy day! I would never have known about this since I never watch live television, only what we’ve recorded (which isn’t much at that). Thanks for filling us in!

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