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localIt is Sunday and I decided I was going to spend a day up in LA and try to hit a couple of restaurants. My focus was to find places that use locally grown produce and use local purveyors and farms. The Local Restaurant is my first stop and they are up in Silverlake. Chef and owner Jason Michaud makes sure that the name of the restaurant stays true its name. He uses the freshest, organic ingredients within a 300 mile radius of this former antique shop turned restaurant. Jason Michaud has worked in such restaurants as Traxx and Cobras & Matadors. In September 2008 he decided to open Local and focus on sustainable food like organic meats, free-range chicken, buying vegetables from local farmers’ markets. Even his packaging is biodegradeable. 

Albondigas Burger




Local is on a stretch of Sunset Blvd just past Silverlake Blvd. This Sunday morning it was rather busy and I was meeting up with Carlos Pedraza, producer and writer of Star Trek Phase 2 and formerly with Hidden Frontier. While I was very tempted to go with breakfast at 11:30, we both opted for the lunch side. I ordered the Albondigas Burger – a hand formed patty made from Heritage Pork, Shallots, Garlic and Fresh Herbs with a side of Mac n Cheese.


Rocky Jr. Free Range Chicken Sandwich

Carlos has the Rocky Jr. Free Range Chicken Sandwich also with a side of Mac n Cheese (great minds think alike!) There was an item on the menu that I was intrigued with and it was the side of Pork Belly. I had visions of roasted pork belly similar to Litson/Lechon with a nice crispy/crackling skin. We both had Earl Grey Tea and found seats outside. It basically is outside seating only as there are only two tables inside. You order from the counter, pick up your drinks and then find an open table.


The crowd here at Local is very diverse and that was welcoming. Our meal was excellent.  The Albondigas Burger was moist and not dry, as pork can be. The flavor of the pork came thru. No heavy seasonings needed here. The bun was firm, yet light in my mouth. My side of Pork Belly arrived and it was not what I thought. As many of you know, bacon comes from the pork belly. This essentially was three VERY thick strips of pork belly that has been roasted. It basically was like butter once it hit my tongue. I was in heaven.

The Mac n Cheese was good. It wasn’t greasy, like some that I have had before. There were some burned parts that I cherished in my mouth feeling the crunchy texture against my salivating tongue. It was sooo good! :) This Mac n Cheese is the kind you can enjoy cold out of the fridge at 2am when you have a case of the munchies.

I forgot to ask Carlos how his Chicken Sandwich was. I’ll have to find out from him later this week. I will update this post when I get his response. We ended up being there for two hours enjoying our food and enjoying our conversation. I may be back in LA next weekend and will meet up with Carlos for another adventure in food. 

I will return to Local again. Jason was in front of the grill today and looking so content. He has something special here and the local residents and those afar like me have found a gem in Silverlake. Incidently, Local is just up the street from the Pho Cafe. Carlos has not visited the Pho Cafe and I told him he had to go before his trip back to Seattle. 

I’m sorry for the lack of photos, I will take more the next time I am there. The excellent food and wonderful company made this one of the best two hours I have had in a long time.

2943 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Open 9am to 3pm everyday for Breakfast/Lunch
Open 5pm to 1opm Tuesday to Thursday
Open 5pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday

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  1. This looks good! Let me know if you plan to spend the day in LA again trying out restaurants. I’d love to go to one and experience food with a true foodie. You make it sounds so delicious!

  2. Wow, I wish I lived in Silverlake, or even on the West Coast. This sounds like a great restaurant. More and more places are doing things like this. We have several here in Miami that have similar credos.

  3. Next time you’re up that way try Little Dom’s on Hillhurst, in Los Feliz. My mouth waters just thinking about it!

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