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rubyssqA good friend of mine at work is celebrating their birthday today and we took her out to the new Ruby’s MotoDiner in the Irvine Spectrum. The newest location for the Ruby’s chain opened on December 9, 2008. 

I haven’t been in a Ruby’s probably since high school so this was a bit of a treat for me as well as getting to celebrate my friend Brooke’s birthday. There were about 12 of us there for lunch. The interior decor is rich with wood and colorful posters from old 50’s/60’s scifi movies. There is also the gem in the center,  a vintage Indian motorcycle.

We were greeted by our server who was in a white server shirt, khaki’s and sporting that white Ruby’s paper hat. He took our drink orders and then took our orders. Today, I wanted to try something that isn’t on the regular menu at the regular Ruby’s. You see, this is their new MotoDiner location that has an enhanced menu from the rest of the chain. I ordered their Ruby’s Motoburger which is a Kobe beef burger. A few of my friends near me ordered some Bleu Sliders, Onion Rings, and a Ruby Melt. 

Service was pretty quick considering that the restaurant was full. There were a few seats up at the “counter” but all in all, it was busy. My Kobe burger arrived at the table at it looked well-done. I didn’t indicate to the server that I wanted medium-rare, nor did he ask me how I wanted it. Shannon got the sliders with the Bleu Cheese and Onion Rings, while Kasia (Koz) had a Ruby Melt.

My burger was actually good. A tad bit salty that I would have liked, but overall it was a good burger. They didn’t overcompensate with a ton of lettuce or extra thick tomato slices. The burger came with fries and they were crisp, but forgettable. Shannon’s onion rings were the topic at our end of the table. After sampling them, I can understand why. They tasted like…nothing. Or rather, if cardboard had a taste, these would be it. There was no onion flavor whatsoever and for me, these were breaded was too heavily. My burger came with a small side of coleslaw. It was ok, nothing to write home about. I like my coleslaw cold, like almost freezer cold – this was bordering on being at room temperature.

Most everyone at the table, including Brooke enjoyed their food. Hop, my IT co-worker also had the Kobe Burger and he enjoyed his. 

All in all, it was a fun experience for all. The food was ok, on par for what Ruby’s is, nothing more. To finish off our visit, three of the servers came around the bend with a Chocolate Sunday, a candle and a Ruby’s white paper hat and sang for the birthday girl!

P.S. Did you know you can get your fountain drink to go at the end of your meal? Just ask and they’ll give you a cup, lid and a straw and a refill for the road!

Happy Birthday Brooke!

3outof52Ruby’s MotorDiner
Irvine Spectrum
57 Fortune Drive, Suite 240
Irvine, CA 92618
P: 949.753.7829

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  1. We’ll go to Ruby’s at least once every couple of months. My favorite thing about that is it’s one of the few places where you can get a homemade Vanilla Coke (the kind where they add the vanilla syrup to regular coke … not the pre-bottled version of Vanilla Coke).

  2. Checked out their menu they have set up outside when I was there about three weeks ago and am looking forward to trying it whenever I get around to it.

    “(the kind where they add the vanilla syrup to regular coke … not the pre-bottled version of Vanilla Coke)”

    Used to order Vanilla Cokes like that (and lemon Cokes too) for years before they bottled it.

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