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Kaisen Kaiten Sushi Bar – who knew that this little unassuming sushi place across from South Coast Plaza (well…diagonally across) could be so fun? I was hanging out with my friend Tim. We decided to go to sushi and he brought me here. From the outside, it doesn’t inspire.


However, once inside, we were greeted with the traditional “Irrasshaimase” which means “Welcome to our establishment”. The inside is bright and modern. There are only four booths, but most of the seating is at a conveyor belt bar. Yep, they have one. This too made me hesitant, but the restaurant had alot of patrons and tim liked it. While they do have a conveyor belt, most of the items on there were more akin to appetizers and not rolls or maki sushi. We took a seat towards the end of the belt wherer it makes it return trip to the bar. There is sushi bar seating available as well right in front of the sushi chefs.


Here, you place your order on an order form and place it in a special container on the belt. The order reaches the sushi chef and your order is returned to you with marked “pedestals” that have your seat number on it. This way you know what is on the pedestal is yours and not for the taking by other patrons.


I forgot to wear my Foodie hat as I was famished and started eating as my food arrived on the belt. By the time I started to take pictures I had already gone thru two orders of Unagi (freshwater eel), one Dragon Roll (a California Roll with Unagi on top) and an order of Sake Sushi (Salmon). Tim had ordered a Spicy Tuna Handroll and one other roll that I forgot to ask him about.

We ordered more and we got a Candy Roll. This had no rice or nori, this was cold crab wrapped around cucumber and avocado with salmon on top. We also got a Volcano roll (California roll with Cooked scallops on top).

photo1229245089643.jpg photo1229245113832.jpg

We had a good fill of sushi. The fish was fresh, although the portions seemed smaller, but considering the price it was worth it. I will definitely come again. There was an award on the wall for The Funnest Place to dine Alone. I think next time I’m in the area I might forget to invite Tim and go by myself!


I left my card. I will be back for sure! In addition to the sushi, they also serve Teriyaki. I give a rating of 4 out of 5 cuz this was a fun place and I had a great time.

4outof5Kaisen Kaiten Sushi Bar
3855 S Bristol St (Diagonally across from SCP)
Santa Ana, CA 92704
Mon-Sat: 11:30am -10:00pm
Sun: 11:30am – 9:00pm

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