What’s Your Favorite Kitchen Utensil?

So I was mucking around in the kitchen and I was looking at all the utensils I have. So I’m going to highlight one of my utensils and why I like it. I try not to buy something I don’t really need, but there are quite a few I use quite often.

Share your ideas on what your favorite’s are too! I think I will highlight a favorite utensil on a weekly basis.

This week I’m highlighting the Mix N Chop from Pampered Chef. I had heard about Pampered Chef in the past, but for some reason stayed away from them thinking it was just another one of those home kitchen suppliers. A friend in Washington DC, Keith Ridgeway, turned me on to Pampered Chef.

The Mix n Chop sounds like its one of those pounder things you stick an onion in then mash down on it, pulverizing it to pieces. This is not the case. The Mix N Chop is a long handled utensil with a star shaped end piece. PC describes it as the perfect way to break up ground beef when you’re browning it. I was skeptical at first, but I have to say, that it really works! But it does much more than just break up ground meats.

Other uses? Yes.

Everyone knows that making fried rice is best the next day or after the rice has completely cooled off. I place mine in the fridge and sometimes fry it up the next morning. Sometimes, ok, most times the rice is in big chunks and trying to break it down with a wooden spoon seems sometimes futile. The Mix N Chop does a great job of breaking up the rice for the perfect fried rice.

I have even used it with mashed potatoes. Personally, I like my mashed potatoes with some chunks in it. After you boil your potatoes, use the Mix N Chop and you’ll get the consistency I like. Some creamy, some chunky! :)


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  1. The Mix & Chop absolutely rocks. I just found a spoon that has a metal core, but a high temp rubber covering all around it. Sturdy like a metal spoon, but can scrape and mix like a spatula. It’s the best!

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