Liquid Nitrogen + Cream = Creamistry


The long awaited Creamisty shop soft-opened this past week with lines out the door and into the parking lot. It was quite the show with the modified blenders and the show of vapor gases as Liquid Nitrogen is released into a bowl of cream and making magic.

So let’s talk about the science here for a second, I mean we’re talking about Liquid Nitrogen here. You get a drop of this on your or accidentally get your hand in way of the pour and you could do some serious damage. Now we are seeing the use of Liquid Nitrogen in cooking. Everyone is doing these days. LN is colorless and odorless. I’m not sure exactly if there are any side-effects of congesting food made with LN, but that can be said for many things these days. So why go the LN method that the tried true method of mixing milk, eggs, cream and flavorings? Everthing is made from scratch is less than a few minutes. No freezer cases of pre made ice cream that has been sitting in an 18 wheeler waiting to get to its destination. You also get a much creamier consistency that regular ice cream. The Liquid Nitrogen is so cold, that when it hits the cream, it doesn’t have time to form ice crystals. Its the lack of these crystals that gives you the creamy delight you have before you.


So let’s also talk about what goes into that bowl. So traditionally, you would make ice cream with milk, cream, eggs, sugar and flavorings. With the magic of the LN, you only need milk/cream, sugar and flavorings. That’s right no egg yolks needed here.

So tonight’s experience was a bit long. It was opening weekend and let’s just say they are still working out the kinks in the operations. The line tonight continually went into the parking long and people stayed in line and did get discouraged. Up ahead towards the front you can see the whisps of vapor coming off the bowls where bowls of creaminess was being made.  We were probably in line for a good 48 minutes before we placed our order. Once we placed our order, it was another 15 minutes before our order was ready.  People in line got to watch the workers working these modified Kitchenaid mixers with a Liquid Nitrogen valve system that would release LN into the metal bowl. Workers at the beginning of the work line would pour a mixture of milk/cream, simple syrup and flavorings into a metal bowl. The flavorings were in various “beakers” that helped continue the theme of “chemistry”.  The metal bowls then travel to a staging area where another worker then prepares any mixings that need to be added after “creaming”. The bowls then travel to the mixers and they go through a 45 second to one minute spin with several applications of Liquid Nitrogen. Once it has reached the correct consistency, the mixer stops and the worker scoops your order into a cup.

After was all was said and done was it worth it? I thought so. I ordered a salted caramel cream base with toasted almonds. Ny niece had cookies and cream, while my nephew opted for the cream cheese base and fresh strawberries. I have to say that it was very creamy. The only thing that hurt that creaminess was the wooden spoon they served with the ice cream. You have this ultimate creamy concoction and then you ruin it with a wooden spoon that doesn’t slide along the tongue…

Take the time to make it over to Creamistry if you can. I’d advise going during the week and during the day time with lines will be the smallest. If you have kids it’s a great science field trip. In addition to ice cream, they also can make shakes.

They haven’t announced their official grand opening date yet.

3972 Barranca Parkway #D
Irvine, CA 92606


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Popcorn Lobster Burrito Roll

Sushi Meets The Burrito on The Jogasaki Truck

jogasaki_1The one thing I really like about Gourmet Food Trucks is that these chef/owners push the boundaries. There are trucks out there serving everything from sliders to tacos to cupcakes. Then you have trucks that sell Jewish Eggrolls, Korean Sausages and Double-Dipped Corn Dogs named after Viking gods! (I luv my Viking Truck) But once in awhile, a truck comes along that makes your do a double take.

Sushi burrito? Oh yes!

jogasaki_2The Jogasaki Truck is the mastermind of Yo Pratioto a sushi chef for close/almost 20 years. He noticed the need for something larger than just a single roll. Maki sushi (rolls with seaweed on the outside and Uramaki (rolls with rice on the outside) weren’t cutting it – people wanted more.  So where did that leave him? Making futomaki (larger versions of Uramaki) or handrolls. After more experimenting, he came up with using soy paper as the wrapper (looks like a tortilla) which was easy to eat, yet firm enough to hold lots of filling. The sushi burrito was born.

I first heard of Jogasaki while watching some late night television and saw him being interviewed. I kept watching and saw that he was making sushi burritos. What?!?! I had to watch the whole segment. By the end I wanted to drive to LA the next day to find them. As luck would turn out, Jogasaki made a trip down to the OC and was at the Irvine Lanes OC Din Din a Go Go on Tuesday night. You can’t miss his truck. Dark orange, white and black with a Mexican/Japanese type dude on the side of the truck!

Popcorn Lobster Roll Burrito


So he has about 12 different kinds of burritos, in two sizes and also has this ceviche of salmon in a red-hot Doritos taco shell. There is also the “Fire Cracker” which is crispy rice crackers topped with spicy tuna and eel sauce. It’s awesome! But what caught my eye the first time I found them? The Popcorn Lobster burrito! Tender pieces of lobster tempura, crab meat, avocado and cucumbers wrapped in soy paper and sprinkled with black sesame sides on the outside. OMG! If you get one thing, get this. It’s $12 for what is called their regular size, which in my estimation is about a burrito 8-10 inches long. Stuffed with lots of lobster and crabmeat.

I have also tried their Jogasaki #2A and the Fire Cracker.

Track them down and if they are near you, you will cancel your lunch or dinner plans and head over to the truck!! Go now!!

The Jogasaki Truck
The schedule can be found on Twitter (@jogasakiburrito) or at

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Cafeteria meets Gourmet: Lemonade

lemonade_logoI need to make more trips over to Fashion Island. There is so much going on there that I can’t keep up. Well a couple of weeks ago, a new place called Lemonade opened next to the Cinemas. Lemonade is brain child of Chef/Owner Alan Jackson. With close to a dozen locations located throughout Southern California, Chef Jackson has hit the jackpot. Fresh California cuisine made with locally sourced farms and producers.

To get to Lemonade, park by Nordstom in the parking structure and they are on the 2nd floor next to the Cinema. There you will find a bright environment in white. You walk up and see an awesome selection of salads and vegetables. Pick up a tray (the cafeteria part) and slide it along passing each station. The first station is salads. You pay by the “portion” and not weight. For a single portion of $2.75, you actually get a nice portion.  The next station is proteins consisting of seafood and meat dishes as well as sandwiches and panninis.  Up next, the braises. Now you can either have a 1/2 portion of a braise or a full portion. 6-8 different braises are available each night and the selection may change from day to day based on what is available for ingredients that day. Then those scrumptious sides and soups come up. Some classics like truffled mac n cheese as well as basmati rice. On the way to the end of your journey is of course dessert. Cookies, cakes, cupcakes, pies and giant macarons. (They call them macaroons, but we all know those are those coconut things…) Giant? Yes, these macaron’s are the size of your hand!! I kid you not.

On this evening, I did a single portion of the orecchiette, tomato and mozzarella,  poached salmon, a 1/2 portion of the short rib braise and basmati rice, truffled mac n cheese and a cupcake. My dining partner did a single portion of the kale salad with mushrooms in a kumquat vinaigrette, braised panchetta, shared the truffled mac n cheese and also had a cupcake.

lemonade_2  lemonade_1  lemonade_3  lemonade_4

lemonade_5  lemonade_7  lemonade_8  macaron1

I have to say that the kale salad completely changed my mind about kale salads. I have only had kale salad at one other place and that was at The Veggie Grill. The kumquat vinaigrette was perfect and I couldn’t get enough of the kale. My short rib braise and rise was ok. It was the end of the night and the meat was completely torn to shreds, but the flavor was good. I tried some of the Braised Panchetta and a part of me wished that the skin on it was crispy – but i liked it. The mac n cheese was cheesy (literally) and the truffle did come thru the sauce. We waited about 2o minutes after we finished our meals before going back to the line for desserts. The cupcakes are $1.00 a piece. Mini-sized, but I thought well worth the $1.00. Sometimes a full size cupcake can be a bit much. The amount of frosting to cake was high for me. I’m all about the cake, not the frosting. The strawberry lemonade and red velvet were my favorites.

I’m looking forward to another visit to Lemonade very soon. Perhaps go at lunch when the braises are just at their peak of “falling off the bone”. I have to say the only part that bothered me about the entire cafeteria experience is that I ended up handing my plate to the servers back and forth about 6 times. Unlike the traditional cafeterias that we all remember from school, they don’t serve the food under the glass, it is is completely encased in glass. You have to hand your plate to a server and they place the food on the plate. They then markup a check with what you have so you can check out at the cashier. While I would not want to eat directly off my “tray”, maybe they could make an aluminum disposable tray that is molded to the tray and serve the food on that. Give it more of a traditional cafeteria feel.

But other than that very minor annoyance, I enjoyed my time and the food at Lemonade.

Lemonade at Fashion Island
987 Newport Center Drive
Newport Beach, CA 92660
TEL: 949.717.7525

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Urban Plate

Urban Plates coming to Irvine

In a few weeks, Urban Plates will be opening in the Crossroads Shopping Center in Irvine. Based in San Diego (Del Mar) Urban Plates is a “farm-to-table” eatery that won’t break the bank. Farm-to-table means everything they prepare at UP is sourced and produced locally.




All their dishes are priced under $10 (with a few exceptions), but for an entree and two sides, that’s a bargain. In addition to entrees, they have a great selections of salads, sandwiches, braises, soups and sides as well as a bakery!

Urban PlateKeep on a look out for their opening date sometime in the next few weeks. I drove by this evening and looks like they are going to have a nice outdoor seating area.

The Crossroads at Barranca and Culver has been going through some changes with LA Fitness and Target continuing to anchor that space and nice selection of eateries. Veggie Grill recently opened and keep your eyes out for Creamistry, a different kind of ice cream place – more on them later!

If you’re in San Diego over the next couple of weeks, visit their first location in Del Mar. Location and directions here:

Creamistry on Urbanspoon

Photo Credit: Urban Plate website

Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 7.48.00 PM

Are you a Tea Connoisseur?

“Tea, Earl Grey, Hot”.

We’ve heard Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise order his tea time and time again. But does the computer know what is the right temperature the water should be or the ratio of tea to water for an optimum brew?

Well Tea 2.0 for the iPhone has just been released and its better than ever. Check out this link from Cult of Mac:


This Blog Isn’t Dead…

I swear this blog isn’t dead. I apologize to the 5 readers that I do have that I have been busy with my daytime job. For those that have followed Foodie In Disguise, you know that I was unemployed for a while and I’m now working full time as a “Computer Geek by Day…”.

My daytime job has kept me busy with various duties in Creative IT for an advertising agency here in Irvine. I run the internal IT systems and agency operations for the agency and I also take on roles of project manager, Final Cut Pro editor and production assistant for on-site video shoots. It’s very exciting and I’m glad to be there. The agency is called Square 1 and it it the brainchild over the former owners and employees of Ignite Health. We’re a small group but we all work well together, but more importantly, we all enjoy food and food truck it every week!

So with that said, I’m also in the midst of making a decision to move. My lease is up in mid-November and looking for something new. I’m finding that I need to break out a bit and need a new environment. I”m thinking of moving to the South Coast Metro area or Long Beach. Yes, Long Beach is far away, but I consider myself more a city boy than I do a suburbanite (I grew up one…)

My busy schedule has also meant that I haven’t been able to focus in on food lately. Long hours at work make fore  a boring food blog, but I”m trying to get to a place of balance and hope to be back in the swing of FOOD!

So many  places yet to try here in the OC. There is a whole food scene South of Avery Parkway and I need to explore it. I need to explore the Laguna Beach restaruant scene. So please hang in there and don’t give up on me. I will be back!

I’m sitting here at Portola Coffee as I write this. I ahven’t been back here in like two months and I see new faces behind the counter. There is a certain calmness that comes over me as I come across the corner and order a cup of Patzun, siphon style. The vibe is still the same despite the new faces and the smell of beans is in the air. I like sitting at the roasting bar even when Jeff isn’t here roasting new beans. I feel at home here.

In the meantime, I am tweeting and an Facebook, so find me there and catch up with my daily adventures.

I hope you have been eating well and you have been finding the joy of cooking in your own home. Continue doing what you do and we’ll break bread soon!

Brandman U Thursday Food Truck Meet

New Thursday Food Truck Meet for Lunch

Well for those of you in Irvine looking for another hot spot for lunch, there is a new Gourmet Food Truck lot now being hosted on the campus of Brandman University in Irvine.

This is a new location for the Irvine work crowd and gives more choices for lunch in addition to the Lakeview GFT meet at 80 Technology (@icgft)Brandman University in Irvine at Alton and Laguna Canyon Road.

Up to 5-6 trucks will be lining up to serve lunch on Thursdays from 11:30-2:00pm. Look for rotation of trucks to include Taco Maria, Dogzilla, Bakery Truck, Chef Joe’s Tasting Spoon, OC Burger Monster, The Viking Truck and MORE!

Check out @brandmanu for the line up each week!

Photo Credit: OC Burger Monster


Weekly Cheese: Humboldt Fog

Sooo… it has been a few weeks since I have visited my friends over at The Cellar’s OC Cheese Shop. Today, I met another one of their employees from their South OC location, Dillon.

Today, he introduced me to Humboldt Fog made by the Cypress Grove creamery in Humboldt, CA. This is a ripened goat cheese with a layer of vegetable ash in the middle. It also has a slight layer of ash on the outside and when cut, looks like a piece of cake!

Made with goat’s milk, Cypress uses a vegetarian-friendly enzyme during the cheesemaking process. After a few weeks, the rind starts to develop into a gooey texture under the ash line. Don’t worry, just enjoy it! :) Tangy in taste, it get’s better – but considering how good this cheese tastes, it won’t be sitting in your fridge for long!

Stop by The OC Cheese Shop in The OC Mart Mix and sample this cheese!

The OC Cheese Shop
South Coast Collection
3313 Hyland Avenue Suite C
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Double-Dipping at The Viking Truck

It’s always a pleasure to run into Luis over at The Viking Truck. I saw him this past week at the Oceanview High School Food Truck meet on Friday nights from 5:00-9:00.

After chatting with him and catching up on things, I ordered a Trogdor (a Hot Polish Sausage Corndog) one of my favorites off the truck. After sous chef Jason dropped the corn dog in, Luis asked if I wanted a Double Dip?? “What?!?” I said. Luis responded “…yeah we drop the dog in, get it crispy and then dip it in the corn batter and drop it a second time…”

OMG. What you get is crunch, fluffy, crunch in your mouth. Two distinct layers of crunch around this always awesome Polish Sausage. You can’t ask for anything better!

So next time you’re in the vicinity of The Viking Truck (follow them on Twitter for up-to-date locations), ask for you next corn dog to be double-dipped!

Oh, tell them Foodie In Disguise sent you!

Related Link:


The Viking Truck


A Flavor Rush from a Truck!

I had the fortune of running into Ted Rodriguez, chef/owner of the Flavor Rush Truck this week. Ted, a classically trained chef loves flavors from all around the world. His family has a rich history in the restaurant business and growing up he discovered he wanted more. After attending the French Culinary Institute in New York and working with such chefs as Rocco DiSpirito, Ted returned to the West Coast and worked with the Patina Group and then opened a catering company.

Now he travels the streets of The OC and LA bringing a flavor rush to the masses.

This week I tried two dishes. One the first night I met Ted, I was at the Oceanview High School Friday Night Truck Meet which meets every Friday night from 5-9. The menu wasn’t huge, probably just about the right amount of offerings for a truck that cooks everything on order. Nothing is pre-cooked and with his exhibition truck (all glass side) you see your food being made right there. Yes, there is little bit of a wait, but it will be worth it. I decided to try the Lamb Pita. Tender chunks of Lamb on a slightly toasted pita with tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and a tangy yogurt sauce. Eat it while it still hot!

My next visit to The Flavor Truck was at the weekly truck meet at The Park Apartments in Irvine on Sunday evening. Come for some great food and bring a blanket and have a picnic with your significant other or with friends. Tonight, I had the Blackened Shrimp with Dirty Rice. 8 pieces of blackened shrimp on a bamboo skewer served over a dirty rice that has a kick. The rice has a nice kick to it with pieces of red, green and orange bell pepper. The rice is cooked like regular rice, but when you place your order the rice, vegetables and Ted secret spice mix are placed on the grill and stir-fried until there is a nice bite to the rice.

The Flavor Rush Truck can be found at various stops throughout the OC and LA, but you’ll always find him at the Teller Lot on Wednesdays from 11:30-2pm across from Allergan (Jamboree and Dupont). Look out for the truck and tell them Foodie In Disguise sent you!

The Flavor Rush Truck



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